You travel faster alone, but farther together
M. Benanav, 2006

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Active ​​​​​​​​TAFTS

cdm-beeCommon Data Model – Buildings;;
cioCity anatomy Indicator-supporting,
crsucCity Resilience and Security Use;
diciData Interoperability and City;
ospOpen Sensors;
umisUrban Metabolism Information

Each active TAFT has each own webpage, which is accessible by clicking on the TAFT acronym in the list above. Registered participants that have been confirmed as members of the TAFT after communicating their intention to the contacting persons by e-mail, have access, after loging in, to all editable documents, including the charter, working drafts (CPWDs) of proposed Agreements (CPAs) and other deliverables of the TAFT.


Completed TAFTS

Anatomy of City;;

Each completed TAFT has each own webpage, which is accessible by clicking on the TAFT acronym in the list above.



There are no items to show in this view of the "Pending approval TAFTs" document library.

TAFTs pending for approval have only their charter accessible by clicking on the TAFT acronym in the list below. Registered participants have access to the editable charter, after loging in, and can join the proposed team by adding their name, affiliation and e-mail in the list of participants of the charter.


TAFT Proposals

Thematic Area(s)
draft_bim4cities.pdfdraft_bim4citiesBuilding Information Model for CitiesTA1
draft_eamado.pdfdraft_eamadoEnvironmental assessment methodologies applied to districts operations (development and refurbishment)TA1
draft_ufab.pdfdraft_ufabUrban Fabrics and PatternsTA1

Any individual can propose the formation of a Task-And-Finish-Team (TAFT) by registering as participant of the CPTF and submitting thereafter a charter of the proposed work. TAFTs are the centers of activity in the CPTF. They carry out R&D activities to deliver CP Agreements (CPA) within the Thematic Areas (TAs) listed below, which are coordinated by TA directors. TAFTs are approved by the CP Technical Steering Committee on the basis of Charters​. The Chair and Co-Chairs of the TAFT manage the work planned in the Charter and report to the corresponding TA director​.

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​Thematic Area (TA)​TA Index​Subsystems​Description
​STRUCTURE ​​​TA1 ​EnvironmentAir, soil and water


​Networks of information, water, energy, matter, mobility and nature, with their respective cycles, including food

​Built Domain

​Includes all scales: Objects, houses, buildings, blocks, neighborhoods, districts, city, metropolis, etc., and also the public space (Relational spaces such as squares, streets, parks, green areas, neighborhood orchards, etc.)




​Includes all services and activities: Living, working, shopping, leisure, health, education, culture, sports, security, etc.


​Wealth production and distribution, commerce and trade, investment, competitiveness, entrepreneurship, etc.


​Includes diversity, social expression (tangibles and
intangibles), architectural heritage, etc.


​City OS, tools and apps, open data & systems, data in/out, and performance



​Civil Society

​Citizens, organizations, business and participation


​Includes Leadership, vision and priorities, laws and regulations, and social empowerment



​All layers above

​Range from 3D - 5D models for Cities and Urban Communities as a whole to modelling and simulation of any element or set of interrelated elements in TA1 - TA3