You travel faster alone, but farther together
M. Benanav, 2006

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The purpose of a CPA-PR is to describe technologies or solutions that are proposed as a preferred approach or solution to a particular urban objective, challenge, or service. A CPA-PR is intended to document a particular approach or solution with broad consensus and move it into a period of implementation where operational experience can be gathered and documented.  Whereas a CPA-PR document will describe viable approaches or solutions to a specific topic area, a CPA-R will document an approach or solution that has shown viability and success in practice across a variety of cities in terms of culture, scale, climate, etc. As such, a CPA-R must first be published as a CPA-PR.  Then, after multiple (at least two independent) implementations have completed and a CPA-I published, the CPA-PR may be considered for advancement to a CPA-R.

11/7/2015 9:45 PMJosep Cester Bofarull